Open Link Night: Magnolias

Open Link Night Thursday at dVerse.  Submit any one poem of your choice!  Come join us and find a new favorite poet!  And no, they are not uppity pretentious poems either!  Samurai, cowboys, beaches, everyday wonders….oh my.

I find I am missing magnolias –
Dinner plate sized blooms of creamy white
and the scent of lemony rose.

I find I am missing magnolias
in the huge tree that presided over
the yard of my old home place.

I find I am missing magnolias
in the old crystal punch bowl
in the downstairs hall.

I find I am missing magnolias
with white blooms soft and fragile
as summer stars in the velvet night.

I find I am missing magnolias
glowing in the moonlight and
acting as beacons for searching fire flies.

In the long lonely night when
I am sleepless and needing some peace,
I find I am missing magnolias.

public domain photo

public domain photo

Throwback Thursday: Smooth ‘n Groove

This song always brings back memories of my good friend John and the many nights we sat on his back porch talking until dawn in the sweet Southern summer nights. The tape deck always was loaded with Boz Scaggs or as my friend called him, Mr. Smooth ‘n Groove. I’ve been a back porch/back step sitter for many years. Few things beat being alone out in the night or with a good friend to share talk and silences with.

My friend John succumbed to AIDS back in ’85 after a long and valiant fight. When I hear this song, I think of those many hours we spent talking, being silent, looking at the stars, singing along with Mr. Smooth ‘n Groove. I think of John’s friendship and loyalty, humor, bravery…The annual Jazz Festival here this year is going to feature Boz Scaggs in the lineup. It will be good to be out again in the summer night, groovin’ and swayin’ to Boz. I wish my friend could be with me but I will remember him that night and hold up a lighter in his memory.

I hope you all enjoy this live cut. I have my ticket and can hardly wait.

Saynora August – One on One

This comes from an excellent group of sets, “Live From Daryl’s House”.  This morning, 2:15 am, sticky, sultry and again, this song came to mind bringing back memories of this same time of night, so many times.  I hope you enjoy.  And I hope it brings up late night memories for you as well.

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