The Call: Blue Skies


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Peter Pan could fly.
Mary Poppins flew with her umbrella
To lift her high into the blue horizon.
I knew I could fly.
At night when everyone was asleep
(everyone in the world but me!)
I would crawl out my bedroom window
Across the strong branch of the old oak,
Nestle into my special place
In the crook of the tree
And stare up at the stars
Or watch the snow falling on a silent world
Or feel the rain against my skin…
I looked up at the sky
And knew I could fly.
One day.

One day
I climbed out the attic window
And out onto the roof.
I had my grampa’s
BIG English umbrella.
I opened it w-i-d-e
And waited for a good wind
And hit the walk
In front of my grandmother
And the guests who had come for tea.
I broke an ankle.
I survived the lecture.
But I knew I could fly.
One day.

Foot in a cast, chained
to my room.
I looked out my window
and longed for the wind,
the blue sky…
My father said,
here is a way you can fly
and he put into my hands
a thick pad of paper,
newly sharpened pencils.
Let your words be your wings.
and so, I wrote.
I flew.

Years later I stood
At the highest point on Fuji
One could climb.
I looked up at the blue sky.
I stretched out my arms
And the wind blew in my hair.
I pulled out of my pack
a pad of paper and pen.
I wrote.
I closed my eyes…
I flew.

At dVerse Poets Pub, Gabriella wants us to write about our call or vocation or that of someone else.

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