Truth is Empowerment

Truth is Empowerment
“I’m never a reliable narrator, unbiased or objective. Anthony Bourdain”

This poem speaks truth,
it does not imagine something.
it does not say,
this is what I imagine addiction,
murder, prostitution, or farming to be like.
This poem opens its mouth and says what really happened.
my mother told me years ago:
always speak truth, never tell a lie.
color it some if you must, the way you
color a page in a coloring book but
never tell a lie.
I was in a spelling bee and ended up
facing off a 5th grade boy.
He couldn’t spell “psychology”.
I spelled it correctly. I won a big blue ribbon.
I took it home and told my mother
I almost didn’t spell it because I liked the boy,
he had always been nice to me.
That is when she told me to always be truthful
my father nodding in agreement.
So years later when a lover gave me a wakizashi
I was proud. He taught me how to wield it.
Once I used it to defend my home when someone broke in.
My husband did not say,
you could have killed yourself.
He smiled and hugged me.
Truth is empowerment.
A sword is empowerment.
Spelling a word correctly is empowerment.
Truth is empowerment.
This poem speaks truth.

完璧 – Explanation for David



perfection is seen reflected
in the blade of my sword

greens and golds
melt on the blade
with a thin edge of blue

snow swirling,
resting, melting,
white glimmers,
now red as it reflects
early blooms of quince

blood rust, sun gold
seasons change
shades of grey

glints of starlight and full moon
in the blackness after midnight

an ever changing picture
less than two inches wide

Saturday Afternoon: Later

He sat on the back steps
Watching as she went through forms
He had taught her.
The wakizashi flashed in the late day sun.
Her movements were swift and sure.

She was oblivious to all around her,
Intent, intense, concentrating but also, instinctive.
His lovely wren with the heart of a falcon.
Now she ceremoniously replaced the sword
In her scabbard and bowed to her invisible opponent.

Impulsively he ran down the steps
As she walked to the house.
He grabbed her and pulled her close to him,
Willing their bones to meld.
I love you, please never leave me, he murmured.

She held him and he felt her speaking against him.
He pulled her face up so he could see.
She gazed at him and then said, I’ll never leave you.
He did not and could not know the full reply he didn’t hear.
I’ll never leave you but one day, you will leave me.

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