Haiku 05152018

This is posted on Real Toads Tuesday Platform in honor and memory of my friend Peggie who died three years ago today due to complications from COPD. She was a true onnebugeisha. She rescued greyhounds, people (including me), she loved her country, and she loved to laugh.  She never called a “turd a rose” …thank you Fireblossom for this wonderful quote.

summer night is long –
dew falls but fades at morning –
grasses remember

Shita no hō o mitsumeru

Across the way from our home is a field. During autumn, it is full of wild golden flowers: golden rod, heliopsis, wild sunflowers, coreopsis. There are also tall seeded grasses, tiny orange flowered morning glories twining around the stems of the tall goldenrod and occasionally, the site of quail and always squirrels and sometimes finches clinging to delicate seeded grasses, munching away as they sway in the gentle breeze; tiny feet hooked tightly, they ride the grass as a surfer rides his own great wave.

Ogon no senshi means, Golden Warrior. I was walking through this field, entranced by the tall golden rod all about me, many of them six feet tall. At 4’10”, it was like walking among a forest of golden spires or, to my fanciful mind, ranks of ancient golden Samurai.

I stopped and looked up at one of the taller goldenrod. The breeze caused it to dip as if it were bowing to me, to allow me passage through the golden ranks. I smiled, bowed in return, and continued with my walk. A friend gave me the name of Kunoichi-no-Chesterfield after a, ahem, foray one night. The correct term more respectfully would be Onnabugeisha, but kunoichi works for this. I hope you enjoy.

Golden Warrior
We stand eye to eye
and Ōgon no senshi

wind blows
we bow
I pass


photo copyright by Kanzen Sakura

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