November 9, 1888

For Marian’s prompt over at Toads: word for the day: Gormless. Meaning stupid, unintelligent. Synonyms: thick headed. dull, stupid, bone headed, witless.  WARNING:  I don’t believe in warnings. Life doesn’t give you warnings but in this case, I am making an exception.

November 9, 1888
“From hell. Mr. Lusk, Sor… Excerpt from letter from Jack the Ripper, October 15, 1888”

He had been looking after Mr. Dorian for several years now,
and it amazed him how pure and young his face still was.
Lately he had watched Mr. Dorian going out at night.
Returning late and in a most disturbed state of mind.
As a butler it was not his job to criticize his employer
but lately, Mr. Dorian had given him goose flesh.
He could be gormless about about Mr. Dorian
but something was amiss.
And those murders in Whitechapel had happened
the same nights Mr. Dorian went out.
Went out and returned late,
straight to his bath and destroying his clothes.
He had found the clothes in the dust bin, bloodied.
A cold dry night with a crescent moon
Mr. Dorian went out again.
This time, he followed him.
Straight to Whitechapel, wandering around behind him.
Searching? For what?
He saw Mr. Dorian with a prostitute,
Blonde and a beauty for this area.
He followed behind them to her room in Miller’s Court.
He stood outside and to be honest,
the hair on his neck rose.
Shadows played on the curtain but the shadows kept moving.
Then there was stillness.
And more stillness.
He decided to open the door.
He opened the door and almost fainted.
Mr. Dorian had posed the brick pincher
in a provocative pose but…
She had been flayed.
Never had he seen a more piteous and inhumane thing in his life.
Blood was spattered everywhere
dripping from the walls,
flung with glee from a knife that went up and down in a frenzy.
Mr. Dorian stood there in a stupor.
My God, Mr. Dorian what have you done?
Mr. Dorian just stood there, the knife in his hands covered in blood.
The room reeked with the metallic tang of it.
I have to get you home now Mr. Dorian.
Please, let’s go now.
He dragged him from the room and dragged him through Whitechapel
until he got to the main road and hailed a cab.
People assumed in the darkness he was helping a drunken friend home.
He spirited Mr. Dorian into the house.
Stripped him and bathed him several times.
Gutless, gormless, cowardly.
Yes he was all of these but…
The next day Mr. Dorian was back to normal as if nothing had happened.
the butler went about his duties as if nothing had happened.
But no more Whitechapel murders occurred.

photographic image of last letter from Jack the Ripper

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