#Haikai Challenge #15

For Frank Tassone’s  Haikai Challenge:  #Haikai Challenge #15 (1/6/18): Winter Storm or Artic cold #haiku #senryu #haibun #tanka #renga #haiga. Also posted for Real Toads Tuesday Platform.


Three haiku for the challenge:

winter storm brings snow –
birds huddle on branches fluffed
against the arctic cold

arctic cold freezes
snow into sheet of ice –
prowling cat slips slides

putting seeds out –
the winter storm is so cold
birds don’t fly away


Tuesday, Grace is in charge of Poetics for dVerse Poets Pub. She has given us the subject of a new poetry form: the eco poem. The eco poem stresses our relationship to nature and the earth without giving a political rant, a listing of ecological horrors – Come visit to find out more about this intriguing and timely form.   http://dversepoets.com/2016/01/26/poetics-ecopoetry/


copyright kanzensakura

copyright kanzensakura

In our climate controlled rooms,
Walking on synthetic carpets
And breathing canned air,
We forget the feel of grass under our feet.
We forget the fragrance of summer rain.
We forget the sexy flush of summer sun on naked skin.

Surrounding ourselves with a barrage of digital noise,
Embedding ourselves in celluloid images,
eating canned fruit,
We forget the sound of birds at first light,
We forget the vistas of sunrise and sunset,
We forget the joy of imbibing sun warmed blackberries fresh off the vine.

In our climate controlled rooms
We watch through coated glass the first flakes of snow falling
And return to whatever important thing is on our computer.
We are forced to remember when our car is covered
With pure white snow and the wheels spin helpless, floundering.
The cold snow stings our skin and the cold air stabs our lungs
And the cold smell of storm fills our being with primeval
desire to flee and fight for survival.
We remember first hand how small we are in the midst
Of winter storm and how fragile is our flesh.

And the winds blow the snow into a horizontal fist
That beats your body as you return to those climate controlled rooms
And are forced to admit just exactly who is the boss of you.

public domain file photo Winter Storm Jonas

public domain file photo Winter Storm Jonas

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