The Blood Moon

For dVerse Poets Pub, Lillian has the prompt there. We are to write a poem using the word shed. This is also for Real Toads Tuesday Platform.

The Blood Moon
“He is burning, burning in the twilight.
He is burning, turning to face us.” Wang Chung Fire in the Twilight

last night the blood moon shed its skin
peeling off its pale yellow skin
to proudly display the blood red underneath.
Under the trees in the forest
the wolves ran –
the strong alpha male breaking the snow,
at the back of the pack
the beta male bringing up the rear,
the females and cubs strung out behind
the rest of the pack circled around them,
shadows against the snow –
the blood moon above casting light for their path.
the leader stops and howls.
a bitter windless night.
The moon gazes without pity
and sheds its skin

Blood Moon 2019


dVerse Poets Pub: Meeting the Bar – Repetition Form

Thursday is MTB (meeting the bar) day at dVerse.  Victoria is our prompter today and she is requesting we do a poem using repetition.  I decided to go back in my history and detail one night with my Lakota lover as we explored and camped among the Badlands and the tall grass of his reservation in North Dakota.  Come visit us at the Pub 3:00 PM EST to read these poems of repetition.

***Sunkmanitu Tanka

by the river my lover and I slept
we were awakened by the songs of wolves
he whispered – sunkmanitu tanka – wolf

we lay and listened
the moon was full
and the wolves sang

I will tell you, my lover said softly
how the wolves saved rivers and the earth.
how the rivers were dying
how the willow and tall grasses were dying
how the elk and the buffalo were dying
how the eagles and birds were dying
how the beaver, the foxes, the rabbits were dying
how the fishes, snakes, and turtles were dying
how the earth was dying

Grandfather looked down upon this world he created and wept
but he fashioned the wolf
and made it free to roam
to hunt to run free to mate
to give birth to play in the snow
to run the plains and forest

The wolves followed the river
and hunted the elk which were too many
and they were killing the earth
but the wolves hunted the elk
the foxes and the eagles ate the carrion
left behind by the wolves and they lived
the elk became fewer and ran to escape the wolves
and no longer ate the earth bare
willows flourished and broke up the water
the water gave birth to beavers snakes turtles
the beavers built dams and the rivers became lakes
the bear grew strong and hunted
the mountain lions grew strong and hunted
the eagles grew strong and hunted
the wolves ran free over the earth

And the earth began to grow again
and the earth became green again
and humans were formed from the earth
and grew strong and hunted.

And I heard in his voice the drumdrumdrumming
and the songs of the Lakota people
as the earth began to grow again.
I heard the drumming and the songs
around the campfires.

and we listened to the wolves singing
and we slept.

***Lakota for wolf

public domain image

public domain image

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