For the Midweek Motif at Poets United -Change

“Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.” Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Frankenstein
I stood at the foot of my grandmother’s bed
and watched her draw her last breath.
It hit me then,
I will never be the same after
experiencing this.
I stood by my father’s casket and I thought,
I will never the be the same after this.
I stood in front of the minister with the man
who was going to be my husband and I thought,
I will be different after this.
I watched my mother draw her last breath
and I though I will never be the same.
I am an orphan now.
I will have no children to watch me die.
I will have no children to be changed forever.
I watch the seasons passing
leaves and flowers sprouting,
Rose petals dropping,
Leaves changing color and dropping,
Snow falling in the woods.
I am changed forever.
I am forever changed.

23 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Susie Clevenger
    Dec 04, 2019 @ 17:09:32

    This goes right to my heart. Thank you for writing this. I needed your words today.


  2. susanstoo
    Dec 04, 2019 @ 18:05:52

    I echo Suzie–this went right to my heart. Every word. The deaths I’ve witnessed. The changes I cannot even quantify. The lack of children to witness mine. The sequence and soft metric of this song.


  3. Sherry Marr
    Dec 04, 2019 @ 18:20:52

    Yes. You have said it better than I have ever seen it expressed. We are forever and continually changed. And yet those changes make us more and more the person we were meant to be. What a journey. What a fantastic poem. If I were still doing Poems of the Week, this one would be IT! Beautiful, Toni. So real.


  4. revivedwriter
    Dec 04, 2019 @ 20:16:54

    So many of your poems have one line that really hits hard. In this poem, it is “I will have no children to watch me die.” Wow!


  5. Sumana Roy
    Dec 05, 2019 @ 00:05:26

    I can so relate to this poem. I find my own experiences expressed so poetically.


  6. kim881
    Dec 05, 2019 @ 03:08:00

    Wow, Toni, this poem touched me deeply! We see so many deaths but will not be around to see who will be there for us when we go.


  7. Rosemary Nissen-Wade
    Dec 05, 2019 @ 05:22:21

    This beautiful, sad poem has almost a mythic quality, touching as it does on a universal truth of being human.


  8. Old Egg
    Dec 05, 2019 @ 05:57:31

    What an intensely sad poem Toni, Humans are very keen on change; it is great for development but bad for consistency.


  9. sanaarizvi
    Dec 05, 2019 @ 09:07:21

    This is incredibly poignant and hard-hitting, Toni in its reality of the changing world around us. Sigh ..


  10. fireblossom32
    Dec 05, 2019 @ 15:13:39

    There are indeed those moments when you realize, deep in the core of yourself and usually suddenly, that nothing after that moment will ever be the same. Sometimes these are good moments, but often, they are round house punches.


  11. magicalmysticalteacher
    Dec 05, 2019 @ 18:32:00

    I have walked a similar path. Changed. Forever.


  12. purplepeninportland
    Dec 08, 2019 @ 20:56:15

    This poem really touched my heart. You said it all perfectly.


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