OLN #182

Today is Open Link Night at dVerse Poets Pub.  I couldn’t resist posting this spooky haibun I wrote a couple of years ago….Marie Leveau, the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans during the 1830s – 1850s.  A tignon is a scarf women of color had to wear over their hair in public.  Some of the ladies worked the various scarves into confections or topped with standard stylish millinery.  A loa is a spirit of the voodoo gods. Offerings are often given to thank the loas for favors or to ask for one.  Offerings frequently include sweets, coins, rum, cigars, pound cake.  I cheated and did a double haiku. http://dversepoets.com/2016/10/20/open-link-night-182/

Graveyard Dust
In the cemetery St. Louis in Nawlins I wandered at night.Under a summer sky the cemetery reeked as only a cemetery in Nawlins can reek In hot wet summer. Resurrection ferns sprouted from the crumbling soft bricks and a fresh tomb
lurked, bright white in the full moon. Wreaths of flowers -some fresh and Others faded decorated the various tombs. I wandered seeking the tomb of the one, the one with the tignon of flame twisted into seven points. Other tombs showed signs of dirt being scraped from beside – graveyard dust – or plates Of pound cake, coins, the smell of rum and tafia spilled and unsmoked cigars, offerings laid out. The voodoos had been busy this past full moon,  seeking the spirits of the loas. A footstep behind me…I turned and my tongue clove to the roof of my mouth. The hair prickled on my arms and at the nape of my neck. In the moonlight, in the shadows stood she of the seven pointed tignon with her giant king snake coiled about her. In a voice like frost killed weeds and granite she asked,  What seek ye here Child? And reached out to me. I awoke with a start…The smell of the cemetery, the moist dirt,  the smell of burned rum in my nose; the bottom of my feet coated with graveyard dust and cut from the broken bricks  along the path.

under the moonlight
stood she of the flame pointed
tignon – Marie Laveau

seeking I found her
and the night buzzed with the sound
of cicadas

public domain photo St. Louis Cemetaery No. 1

public domain photo St. Louis Cemetaery No. 1

Haibun Monday #23

Today Bjorn wants us to write haibun about city scapes. I escaped from the city years ago…thank God!  So here is my take on the prompt.  He wants us to write a contemporty haibun and poetry ending full of grit.  Well, I can’t write a “contemporary haibun” or American sentence ending (no such thing in my book).  Hope it works.  It is also still a traditional haibun with a traditional haiku, non-fiction.  Haibun Monday # 23 – contemporary cityscape

Trees like skyscrapers

I walk down our lane, the rich warm smell of sunshine and leaves around me. Like skyscrapers the trees reach up to heaven. At night I can look up and see the movie full moon and the opera lights of a million twinkling lights. With no regrets I left the city behind. No alleys smelling of rank garbage and piss. No crowds, no shops constantly hawking their stuff, no barrage of the homeless, no vacant lots filled with the ever blowing newspapers and garbage, the listless spoiled youth, the constantly seeking searching purveyors of opera, plays, music, other bodies, entertainment. no flood of cars, buses, trains. I have all I need here and more. Take your city – enjoy the noise and clamor and bad air.
October comes -peaceful
and full of life – my violin
sings into the day.

d’verse Poetics: MTB: Bob Dylan

Today, Bjorn is celebrating the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature:  Bob Dylan.  It seems the folks at the academy got over their tightassery and actually chose somebody that almost everyone knows and isn’t some obscure foreigner – an American Bard.  Congrats to Bob Dylan! http://dversepoets.com/2016/10/13/meeting-the-bar-bob-dylan/

Bob Dylan: Poet
I met him several times years ago.
He was fuzzy haired and serious
and pretentious.
But the man can write.
I’ll give him that.
So like a rolling stone
and the Byrds’ favorite Tamborine Man,
He does write songs and lyrics that stays with one.
How long?
The answer my friend,
is blowing in the wind.

***lines in italics are direct quotes from various poems and titles of Bob Dylan’s songs.


dVerse Poets Pub: OLN

Today for OLN at dVerse Poets Pub….http://dversepoets.com/2016/10/06/open-link-night-181/

The Last Crape Myrtle Bloom
Second week of October –
Last week was cool.
this week it is hot again.
the trees and grass are still green.
The crape myrtle has dropped all its leaves
one bloom holds on –
persistent under a lowering sky.
Matthew is scouring the east coast
ripping away homes and lives
two hours inland it is ghostly still and quiet
hot humid grey – perfect hurricane weather
The last crape myrtle bloom of summer
Holds on persistent under a lowering sky

copyright kanzensakura

copyright kanzensakura

dVerse Poetics – Razzle Dazzle

Today Lillian is giving us our prompt – we are to write spiffy sparkly razzle dazzle poetry – using the words razzle and or dazzle or something sparkling. Here is my tanka for the month of October – a month of meteor showers and huge moons. The 8th we have meteor showers (Draconids) from the constellation Draco and later in the month, the Orionids. The meteors appear to be coming straight out of the mouth of the Dragon! An unpredictable meteor shower.  Last year, over 600 meteors fell…per hour.   So let the night sky dazzle you. I’ll be out at sunset watching the meteor showers originating out of the dragon’s mouth. Come and be dazzled at: http://dversepoets.com/2016/10/04/razzle-dazzle-me/


from the mouth of the
dragon stars stream forth – lighting
the night sky – fire plumes
spiral to earth burned to cold
nothingness- a moment’s thrill

public domain photo

public domain photo – Draconids

Haibun Monday: Butter Yellow Morning

I couldn’t resist this prompt from Grace.  I am still on hiatus and doing fairly well.  thank you!http://dversepoets.com/2016/10/03/haibun-monday-22-extraordinary-days/

Butter Yellow Morning
It is early in the day and I have just awakened. My husband left for work an hour ago. I lazily stretch and get out of bed and wander into the kitchen. I fill the coffee maker and switch it on. Soon my house is filled with the lovely smell of fresh coffee. I pour myself a large mug and add the dollop of cream. I then go outside and sit on my back steps, sipping and listening to the sound of the morning getting its start. The mockingbird and brown thrasher are up on the wire trilling the first six notes of the X-Files theme, over and over. The birds that will winter over are busy twitting and rooting through the bird feeders. My Swedish neighbors from next door pass by on the lane for their morning walk and wave but do not speak. They know this is my special time of day and do not intrude. My neighbor across the lane puts her two daughters on the school bus. She waves and heads back into her house. From the farm at the end of the lane, the sound of a rooster cock-a-doodle-doing and the soft lowing of cows add to the morning sounds. I sip my coffee. For right now, all is well, all is at peace.

autumn finally comes –
the morning is cool in the
butter yellow sun


dVerse MTB: Meeting the Bar as a Cubist Poet

Today Bjorn is the prompter at dVerse. He wants us to write in the style of Wallace Stevens and his poem, 13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird. We are exploring cubism in poetry. Come visit us and find your new favorite poet! I found this prompt so interesting and engaging, I have come off hiatus to respond to it.  Meeting the bar as a cubist poet.

Ways of Looking at Autumn Leaves
autumn leaves float
on the surface of the pond
dreaming of summer

wind blows through the trees
rustling the leaves
they become
an ocean of sound

an owl sails through
the night sky
the autumn leaves sleep

leaves sunk to the bottom
of the pond
are the color of the eyes of deer

crows in the trees
cackle and crow
the leaves fall in silence

blown by the wind
the lacy foliage of a cedar
captures an autumn leaf

cold wind causes the leaves
to shiver and shake
bitterness under a full moon

the last leaf clings to the branch
snow begins to fall
the last leaf finally lets go

copyright Kanzensakura

copyright Kanzensakura


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