The Necklace

Open link night at dVerse tonight. You can submit any one poem of your choice. Come join us. Bjorn is tending the pub all the way over in Sweden!  He has a special guest today – Sean Michael – a prisoner in the California penal system who frequently posts on dVerse.  Open Link Night #178 – Saving Grace

The Necklace

After you left I kept thinking you would return.
And because you so loved the small beauties
and the simple things, I kept the memories.
I wanted to embed them in molten glass
and string them on a fine gold chain
that you could wear under your clothes
close to your heart,
to pull the chain up and look at those simple things
and see them through my eyes that saw them without you:
the way the mist lay close to the ground
in the late autumn,
or the sound of birds the morning of the first snow.
The tiny new kittens boneless and blind
opening their pink mouths and silently hissing.
The last string of geese flying south
in the apricot dawn,
the velvet eyes of the young heifer in my friend’s barn
and the warm smell of the animals and hay,
the first tiny pink cherry blossom opening slowly
in the cold of early spring
or the ever spreading ripples in the koi pond
made by slow rain.
you never returned.
and the necklace of memories sleeps
in a small wooden box
never touched by your hand or seen by your eyes.

Quadrille – Leaves

De is our prompter this Monday at dVerse Poets Pub. It is the Quadrille feature for this Monday. A quadrille is a 44 word poem, not including the title and must include the word of the prompter. She is prompting us to use the word “leaves” as in leaves that fall from tree, leaves as in he, she, it leaves; leaves of grass, book leaves. Even leaving or leave. Come join us and see what shakes loose from the tree!

Leaves are leaving
Summer is leaving,
Leaves drop delicately
Leaves know when it is time
better than we.
There are a few early to the party
but leaves know when to leave.
It is time for autumn –
We say.
Leaves know when it is time to

public domain photo


Poetic Spouses – Kiku

Another entry for dVerse Poet’s Pub where Kim is inspiring us to write of a poetic spouse, preferably of someone dead.  I could not resist doing a tanka for Kiku, the first wife of Kobayashi Issa and mother of his first two children who both died tragically young.  Their deaths inspired Issa to pen:  Tsuyu no yo wa tsuyu no yo nagari sari nagara:
this dewdrop world –
is a dewdrop world
and yet, and yet…

I loved you in the
warmth of our love – I will love
you in the coldness –
our children dissolved like dew
on the edge of summer grass



dVerse Poetics – The Spouses

Kim is our guest prompter today at dVerse Poetics (  This is her first time hosting for us!  She is asking us to write about, being, the spouse of someone famous, hopefully, someone dead so no libel.  I am taking it one step further by writing as the spouse of Dorian Gray, my eternally beautiful and bored, favorite character of Oscar Wilde.  Come visit us today and get to know Kim and the rest of the gang – however we show up!

Mrs. Dorian Gray
“I care for who you are, not for what you wear.”  Dorian Gray, Penny Dreadful

I sit here, old and wrinkled.
I have often wondered at you –
Eternally young and beautiful…and bored –
although you kindly say I never bore you
and you still touch me as you did when I/we were young
and that in your eyes, I am still the young bride
you brought home these sixty years gone.
The men and women come and go,
yet somehow, I still remain.
I wondered why, two decades ago –
Why you were still young and beautiful…and bored –
Until I found the portrait.
Until I found the portrait secreted away
in a basement room, hidden behind locks.
You were distracted one day and left your keys
on the bedside table.
And so
I took them and went to the room.
I must confess,
My heart almost stopped in my chest
At terror of the beast in the life-sized portrait.
And how as I watched, it changed
And became even more bestial and deformed.
I never told you I knew your secret but…
I think you guessed.
I love you,
Heart of my heart and soul of my soul.
I’ll love you until I die
Which God grant, will be soon.

Reeve Carney as Dorian Gray - public domain photo

Reeve Carney as Dorian Gray – public domain photo

Haibun Monday – Sky

Today I am the prompter at dVerse for Haibun Monday.  I am asking people to write short one paragraph haibun on the subject of the day sky.  Come join us!
Haibun Monday: The Sky IS the Limit

Blue Sky
I don’t remember, but my parents say one of the first words in my baby vocabulary was “boo” as I pointed a pudgy finger up at the sky…”boo”, I’d say solemnly. And all these years later, I still love the perfection of the timeless sky. I especially remember the first time we made love, outside under the shadow of ancient trees. I looked up over your shoulder and beheld a magnificent sky of brightest blue with pale wisps of white clouds encased by the trees – natsu sora…summer sky. And later, as you collapsed against me, I looked into your eyes at the reflected blue sky. And I thought I would die of happiness suspended between your eyes and the sky. In sleepy afterglow I giggled “boo”. You didn’t understand then until I told you later about the “boo” and you laughed at me and how I loved you both – you and the timeless sky.

serene summer sky –
birds nap in hidden nests as
hawks drift overhead

copyright kanzensakura

copyright kanzensakura

dVerse Poets Pub – Meeting the Bar – Tanka

Today at dVerse, I am the prompter for writing to a form. I have chosen the deceptively simple form of tanka. One of the oldest of the Japanese forms, it is centuries old. To find out more about tanka and how to write them, come visit and come read! Short form, not much reading to do!

December night sky
snow like frozen stars silent
as dust falls to earth –
no wishes on these lost stars
summer photo fades with time

dVerse Poetics: Sound of Love

Walt is our prompter today and wants us to write about the sounds of love.  Tuesday Poetics: The Sound of LOVE

Sleeping Sounds
Soft snores,
guttural grunts and sometimes a growl,
snorts through the nose,
rumbling of the tummy,
an odd word murmured now and then –
I lie awake listening to you
And smile –
especially when you murmur my name.

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