Muttering birds

My first posting ever for Hedgewitch’s Friday 55. I am spreading my wings a bit.  Friday 55 December 15 2017

Birds mutter among themselves
The angel that tops the tree
always has a serene and mindless
look upon her face –
she holds a candle in each hand
pure white wings boldly spread.
The birds that peck on the sill
look in at her in wonder –
How can she look like that
with the tree sticking out of her ass?

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Real Toads: White Peach

Posted on Real Toads in response to Sanaa’s prompt to write about fruit.



He was a thin young man
Legs slightly bowed from riding a horse
And roping cows since he was a young ‘un –
Catching the eyes of all the women
And girls in the room –
Tow haired with eyes the color blue of a winter sky
twinkled and his full lips laughed –
a white cotton oxford shirt
rolled up to his elbows
and cheeks smooth as a –
A –
he was a white peach –
luscious and juicy
and how he made us
lick our lips in antici-pa-pa-tion.
A perfect white peach
with a deep red heart
not the pale hearts of most young men –
he hung onto the tree until it was time to drop
and he bounced and rolled on the ground
the way he was bouncing and rolling on the dance floor.
When we danced he held me close enough
I could smell the scents of sun dried laundry
and ivory soap –
He rubbed his cheek against mine –
smooth and soft with a bit
of a flush on his cheeks –
when he kissed me
I would taste the sweetness in his mouth –
Juicyfruit gum – oh how apt.
I didn’t want to taste him
I wanted to devour him –
and I did.
I took huge bites of him
and little nibbles
sucking out the juice – slowly.
Oh yes, he was a perfect white peach.

*Japanese for an expensive and exquisite white peach

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OLN 210: Snowflakes

Today begins the two week break over at dVerse. The Anthology of the poets is now ready to order! I am one of the poets published in the anthology. In Japan there are various words and nuances for “silent” or “silence”. Shizuka means total silence. Chinmoke is reticence, holding back or, more intriguing, the silence between the notes. Come join us at OLN at dVerse.

Shizuka –
the first snowflake is silent –
at night they drift –
falling one by one
slowly piling into drifts –
silent they fall into the night –
the wind gets into them
blowing them this way and that –
chinmoku – they hold back their words
their noise their speaking –
sound comes from the wind
or the tree branches rattling –
the snowflakes speak
various forms of silence –
snowflakes fall – drift –
only the owls hear them –
gliding through snowflakes –
they hunt more silent
than the snowflakes – I walk
among them listening to
the silence of the flakes,
the swish of the owl’s wings

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Poets United – Midweek Motif

Today on Poets United, the theme is celebrate. Let us join in the celebration. I have written a double tanka.  I shall be wrapped in the quilt of stars made by mother, watching the display the next few night.

stars in their heavens
blast into light – *Geminids
celebrate the birth
of the original Light –
I watch in joy in the cold

I watch in delight –
meteors the size of sand
light the darkness – hums
from the earth – star symphonies add
their songs of celebration

*Geminids – prolific meteor showers that appear this time of year


nbc news – public domain

dVerse Poets: Groovy like dirty snow

Lillian is hosting the bar today and asks us, how are we feeling? and to use the word groovy in the poem.  Well…


Groovy Like Dirty Snow
How do I feel today?
I feel like doing murder.
I feel like skinning the man alive who lives behind us.
He shot the two cats who were the sons of Nobody’s Cat.
I had been feeding them.
He shot a raccoon as well.
So much vermin.
I found them stiff in the snow with blood about them.
A casual violence on his part.
Two stray cats.
A raccoon.
Shoot them for target practice.
Ginger is dead.
Tuxedo is dead.
Ask me a year from now how I am feeling.
I’ll be feeling a bit groovy.
But not today.
Not today.

frozen stiff bodies
in the snow – I weep at the
unthinking violence


First Snow: hatsuyuki

A first posting for Frank J Tassone’s haiku challenge – first snow and evergreens. First snow, one of my favorite prompts and writing challenge.  Our first snow came Saturday! Because Haiku are not given titles, I have posted in the title column.

bitter winter night
first light of day first snow falls –
branches bloom white

copyright kanzensakura

Hatsu yuki – First Snow: Ryoanji

I am posting on Real Toads Tuesday Platform.


Hatsuyuki – First Snow
Midnight.  I walk to the trees at the verge of the woods. I can see against the rough black bark where bits of snow have settled into the crevices of the bark – like exotic plants on the steep side of the cliff. I touch the snow with my lips – soft cold against rough and then melting. I bow my head against the tree – I murmur 侘寂 wabi-sabi.

The stillness, the snow, the silence.   I am no longer here but there – years past on the viewing platform at *Ryoanji. On the wall sit hundreds of suzume – sparrows.  Like me, they are watching the rocks in the 枯山水, karesansui. Feathers fluffed against the cold, tiny bright eyes seeing all. The air becomes sweet and before the suzume begin to flutter, I know…snow. I feel them on my face before I see the flakes and soon, they stick to the gravel, to the moss around the base of the rocks. The birds flutter off to more sheltered spaces but a few stay for the crumbs the humans leave behind.

Ryoanji and hatsuyuki. I stay until the moss is white and the ***suzume have all left. Straight down and fast, the snow falls. I stand and bow the long, deep bow of deepest respect. As I leave, it comes together for me – mujo – impermance, wabi sabi – the beauty of imperfection, mono no aware – the deep sadness at the passing of things – the snow that falls, the snow that melts, the birds that fly away…and the rocks that stay behind.

snow falls – white **sho-ru –
silence drifts to cover rocks –
peaceful dragon sleeps

* Peaceful Dragon

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